RH BluePeg System

Moisture measurement 

of concrete slabs

with RH in-depth probes

- Removable, reusable RH probes

- One time, low investment

- Easy to use and easy to read

- Complies to ASTM standard F2170-11

If too much moisture is inside a concrete slab at the time a floor is installed or coatings are applied, the trapped moisture will eventually travel to the surface and affect the coatings or floor covers. Experts recommend the RH test as the most reliable in-depth measuring method for concrete moisture available today.

Your best choice is the RH Blue Peg System.

No other system offers all these advantages:        

Concrete Moisture RH BluePeg Lignomat

LignoTec RH moisture in concrete ASTM F2170

- The unique design of the RH BluePeg probes allows for 1 hour quick-test or

72 hour testing (ASTM F2170 requirement) or for long-term monitoring.

- The probes can be removed from the sleeves and reused after each test.

- The probes are small enough to disappear below the surface of the

slab and can be covered by a protective cap between readings.

- Lignomat's RH meters are: Ligno-Tec RH, Ligno-DuoTec BW, Ligno-VersaTec

Data-loggers are: Memo-Chip BL2 (on-site) and RHTrans (on the Internet)

The one-time, low investment for the RH Packages and the fact that the probes can be used over and over again guarantees the minimum cost per test. There is no need to purchase a new sensor for every test. For calibration requirements see the last paragraph.

Easy to use and easy to read.  The RH BluePeg easily fits into the sleeve and is protected by a cap. Thus,  work can go on at the jobsite. Each sleeve comes with a 5/8" plastic cylinder inside, which positions the probe at the correct distance from the bottom of the sleeve and seals the space between the sleeve and the probe as required by ASTM F2170-11.

 For measurements the RH cable is connected. The rugged fail-proof connector (same as 3.5mm stereo plug) assures easy handling and a reliable connection. The cable-end-cover secures the probe during measurements.  Press the read key on the meter and instantly the RH value and the serial number for the RH Probe are displayed. It is that easy.

Anybody can take readings. There is no twisting of a cable or contact alignment necessary. There is no set-up procedure required for the meter and the display is easily read from the meter in your hand. Once the test is completed, connect the cable again and pull the RH BluePeg probe out of the sleeve for the next test.

ASTM Regulations: To comply with the ASTM standard F2170-11, the sleeves or hole liners have to be in the slab for 72 hours before readings are documented. There is no requirement about how long the probes have to be in the sleeve, other than that the readings should be stable. 

The RH BluePeg Advantage 

If BluePeg probes are left in the sleeves for at least 24 hours, readings are stable and no more equilibration time is needed. If those probes are leap-frogged, stable readings are available within 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

You can do quick-checks (45 min-1 hour), 72 hour readings (ASTM Standard) or long time monitoring. You can decide according to job requirements to insert the RH BluePeg probes at the time the sleeves are placed or at any time later. You can leap-frog the probes if you are short on RH BluePegs for the required number of test holes. 


The RH BluePeg probe comes with a single microchip sensing

element, factory calibrated to NIST-traceable standards. CMOS

 technology insures the RH BluePegs highest reliability and long term stability. In addition, the sensing element is covered by a filter that keeps the sensor free of dust at all times for accurate readings.

ASTM F2170 regulations require a calibration check 30 days before useage. Using salt solutions is an acceptable method of checking probe calibration. Lignomat offers salt solutions for 33% and 75% relative humidity. Lignomat also offers 3 calibration checks for free during the first year. With this promise, the initial investment in a meter and probes is all that is necessary to take as many tests as necessary within the first year. It is recommended to send the probes in to the manufacturer at least annually for a calibration check.

If you ever have doubts about the calibration or for extremely sensitive testing, you can check the calibration of the RH BluePeg probes  before and after test readings have been taken. This is only possible, if the probe is removable.





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For Measuring Concrete Evaporation, RH BluePeg conforms to ASTM F2170.