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Whether woodworking, installing hardwood floors or working as a building inspector, all professions in the building and construction industry require  reliable moisture meters. Lignomat proudly offers professional grade pin and pin less moisture meters designed to provide accurate readings in concrete, gypsum, masonry, plaster, wood and other building materials. In addition to selling individual moisture meters, Lignomat offers moisture meter packages, replacement parts and related accessories.

A Moisture Meter for Every Profession

Flooring installers can appreciate the Ligno-Scanner SDM non-invasive moisture meter. This meter was designed for flooring industry professions who must inspect moisture levels in various surfaces such as bamboo, carpet, linoleum, vinyl and wood. Floor settings can be customized for bamboo, flat and vertical grain, and strand. Contractors can also benefit from the Ligno-Scanner SDM. In addition to measuring floor moisture levels, this model also has settings for concrete, sheetrock and reference scales for other building materials like laminates and composites. 

Cabinetmakers and furniture makers may want to consider investing in the Ligno-Scanner D; a non-invasive moisture meter specially created to measure wood moisture levels. These pinless moisture meters are able to measure boards that are at least 3/4" thick. It has 71 settings for speciesí corrections as well as the ability to test laminates and other composites.

Architects, building inspectors, general contractors and restoration specialists will benefit from owning mini-Ligno SD pin moisture meters. These meters are able to test gypsum, sheetrock and wood, and can measure wood moisture ranges from 6 to 45%. They have scales for sheetrock and gypsum as well as reference scales for other non-wood building materials.

High-Tech Capabilities

All Lignomat models fuse the latest technologies of natural and building sciences to create reliable devices relevant to todayís building and construction industry professionals. Whether it is using the mini-Ligno E/C to test moisture levels in wet and dry woods, or the Lignometer KF and KC; which has built-in temperature corrections to provide accurate readings in all-temperature lumbers, customers can rest assured Lignomat is constantly testing and developing new products to keep pace with changing building technologies. 

A Company You Can Trust

Lignomat is proud to be a U.S. based company and has been the provider of choice for many building industry professionals. Located in Portland, Oregon, Lignomatís friendly sales representatives can answer product inquiries and accept telephone orders at (503) 257- 8957 or by sending email to sales@lignomat.com. Alternatively, order forms are available online at http://www.lignomatusa.com and may be faxed to (503) 255- 1430.