Lignomat moisture meters have proven measuring technology which guarantees long-term accuracy. Family owned and operated for over 40 years. 

Data Logger Memo-Chip BL2

  • Accurate, sturdy and reliable.
    The BL2 Memo-Chip records:

    Relative Humidity / Temperature
    – GPP and DPT
    — EMC

  • Flexible to adapt to any application.

    The BL2 comes with an extension cable and an adapter for direct connection.

  • Want to know, why a floor cupped?

    Use a BL2 to record humidity during acclimation, installation and later on when the floor is in use.

  • Want to keep track of the drying progress during water damage repair.

    Use a BL2 to record humidity conditions.

  • BL 2 monitors air spaces or insulation behind walls. For monitor leak repair, an audible alarm is built-in.

    BL2 can be used to record in-situ probes during concrete moisture testing.

Data Logger Memo-Chip BL2

Data Logger  BL2 Monitor RH

Humidity data loggers provide more information than single readings from a thermo-hygrometer. Install a BL2 to keep track continuously.

–Relative humidity and ambient temperature
–DPT (dew point temperature)
–GPP (grains per pound)
–EMC (equilibrium moisture content for wood)

–Add MC Tracker to simultaneously record 1 RH probe and 3 wood
moisture measuring probes.

When humidity matters: Each BL2 data-logger comes with the high-precision RH BluePeg Probe with long-term stability. The detachable RH Probe allows for inwall, in-depth monitoring. LED lights and audible alarms can be set to indicate out-of-range values. Selectable time-interval 30 sec to 24 hrs.

The BL2 records 16000 data sets. Reports show:
Relative Humidity, Temperature, Grains per Pound, Dew Point and EMC .

Specifically for Contractors and Restoration Specialists:
For job-site surveillance and long term monitoring. Alarms can be set to alert when unwanted conditions occur. Extension cables (standard stereo cable and 3.5mm connector) allow mounting the RH probe where it can best measure and the BL2 where it can be reached easily.

Specifically for Wood: For customers concerned about wood moisture we added EMC values plus an EMC alarm. The alarm will sound when the humidity gets lower or higher than the preset alarm EMC value.


  • Add unique MC Tracker to also monitor moisture in wood,…
  • Wireless transmitters with remote Internet access.
  • Hand-held Thermo-Hygrometer PN.
Product Item List $ Package $
Memo-Chip BL2 Package:
Data Logger, RH BluePeg Probe, RH Adapter, RH Cable 6ft, USB Cable, BluePeg Bracket,
BL2 Bracket, 3 BL 2 Hangers, 2 screws,
BL2 187.00 162.00
Memo-Chip BL2 3-Pack:
3 Complete BL2 Packages
BL2-3 561.00 450.00
MC3-R Package: L1 Complete BL2 Package plus MC Tracker, 3 teflon cables (standard 3′) and 6 wood screws 1/2″ long MC3-R 430.00 408.00
Thermo-Hygrometer PN: PN 74.00
Thermo-Hygrometer RH-B:
1 Ligno-Tec RH meter, 1 Adapter RH,
fast, precision RH BluePeg Probe
RH-B 378.00 359.00

Ask for a quote, if you are interested in wireless transmitters.
*If you buy a moisture meter and a BL2 data logger at the same time, you get the package
price and a 5% discount for the meter also.

 BL2 Data-Logger Package
Memo-Chip Interval 30sec – 24 hrs
32000 data sets
Lithium Battery, exchangeable
LED alarm
audible buzzer alarm, selectable
size: 1″x1.25″x4″  (2.5cmx3cmx10cm)
USB cable and RH cable connectors
RH Probe Size: Diameter 0.5″, length 1.4″  (13x36mm)
RH Measurements ±2% for 10-90%+
±3% for 0-10% and > 90%
Temperature Measurements ±0.5°F for 32°F to 120°F+
±1°F less 32°F to 5°F+
±1°F above 120°F to 160°F


Parts List
1 BL2 unit with black mounting bracket
1 RH BluePeg Probe
with white mounting bracket
6 ft RH Cable with 3.5mm stereo plugs
1 Adapter RH
3 ft USB Cable
Screws for mounting brackets
 Description………………………………………… Item  Qty
 Memo-Chip BL2 – Interval 30sec – 24 hrs
32000 data sets, LED  and audible alarm
Lithium Battery, exchangeable
size: 1″x1.25″x4″  (2.5cmx3cmx10cm)
built-in connectors for USB and RH cables
BL2-0 1  RH-Data-logger-memo-chip-BL2-0
 Black Mounting Bracket for horizontal wall mount (2 screws incl)
Plastic Hanger for vertical and horizontal wall mount
 RH Probe Size: Diameter 0.5″, length 1.4″  (13x36mm)
RH: ±2% for 10-90%, ±3% for 0-10% and > 90%
T: ±0.5°F for 32°F to 120°F, ±1°F less 32°F to 5°F and above 120°F to 160°F
RH-BP 1  Data-logger-RH-BluePeg-Probe
 Adapter RH with 2 male 3.5mm connectors for a direct connection of RH BLuePeg Probe the Memo-Chip BL2 RH-A 1  Data-logger-RH-Adapter-RH-Temp
RH Cable 6ft long, with 2 male 3.5mm connectors to connect RH BLuePeg Probe to Memo-Chip BL2. RH-C 1 Data-logger-RH-Temp-Cable-BP-BL2
 Mounting Bracket for RH BluePeg (1 screw incl.)  RH-M  1 Data-logger-RH-T-probe-bracket
USB Cable to connect Memo-Chip BL2 to a PC to download data. Data-logger-BL2-USB-Cable
Add – Optional
Item Qty $ List Pkg Package discounts only available at time of Package purchase
Pins for Electrode E12 DZ, DA and DB pins can only be used by Electrode E12. Teflon-coated pins measure only at the tip. depth-moisture-meter-pins-E12
DZ Pins: teflon-coated, total length 1 5/8″ (4.1cm), measuring depth of 1″ (2.5cm) DZ p 3.50 3.32
DA Pins: teflon-coated, total length 2 1/2″ (5.4cm), measuring depth of 1 1/2″ ( 3.8cm) DA per
3.75 3.56
DB Pins: teflon-coated, total length 2 5/8″ (6.7cm), measuring depth of 2″ (5cm) DB per
4.00 3.80
 The Electrode E14 has an ergonomic design to make the job of detecting moisture problems fast and easy. Teflon-insulated pins measure only at the tip. Handle can be extended. E14  1 58.00  55.10  remediation-moisture-meter-EM4
 Electrode E14M comes with a 3 ft long cable with  connectors for mini-Ligno S/DC and 1 pair teflon-coated EG pins for 3/4″ measuring depth. Weight 5oz (140g). Length without pins 6.5″ (16.5cm)
 EL Pins: teflon-coated, total length 7 3/8″ (18.7cm), measuring depth of 7 1/8″ (18.1cm)  EL per
 29.00  27.50 inspection-restoration-EL-pins

RH BluePeg Probe compliant with latest ASTM F2170 standard