Lignomat moisture meters have proven measuring technology which guarantees long-term accuracy. Family owned and operated for over 40 years. 

Thermo-Hygrometer TH

An important addition to your moisture meter.

Thermo-Hygrometer TH indicates:
– relative humidity
– ambient temperature and time


Check ambient conditions and
protect wood products from
shrinking and cupping.

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Thermo-Hygrometer TH

“Air humidity” affects wood. As RH goes up, wood absorbs moisture and swells. As RH goes down, wood looses moisture and shrinks. Once wood has reached its equilibrium moisture content (EMC), it will be stable and neither absorb nor loose moisture.

“Air humidity” affects our environment and our health. Mold is the dreaded word. Mold destroys materials and makes humans sick. Mold growth can be prevented, if relative humidity stays within a safe range.

We recommend the Thermo-Hygrometer TH for homes, offices and wood shops.  Display shows, relative humidity, temperature time and min/max values. Min/Max memory can be reset at any time. Meter has a built-in tilt stand and a wall mounting bracket.

The Thermo-Hygrometer TH has a wide enough range (20-95%) for tempered climates. Recommended and comfortable live-in conditions are about 70°F (20°C) and 35-50% relative humidity. If those conditions are maintained, wood will stabilize at 6-8% moisture. Woodworkers use wood moisture meters and Thermo-Hygrometers side by side to avoid shrinking and warping.

See Equilibrium Moisture Content table.
Learn more about Moisture Problems and Helpful Hints.



Moisture Meters Item List $ Package $
Thermo-Hygrometer TH TH 47.00
Thermo-Hygrometer PN PN 74.00
Thermo-Hygrometer RH-B: 1 Ligno-Tec RH meter, 1 Adapter RH, fast, precision RH BluePeg Probe RH-B 378.00 359.00
Data-Logger BL2 Memo-Chip BL2, cable, RH Probe BL-2 187.00 162.00

Ask for a quote, if you are interested in wireless transmitters.
* If you buy a Thermo-Hygrometer and a pin or pinless meter together, you get the Special Thermometer Price and an extra 5% discount for the moisture meter.

Relative Humidity 20-95%
Temperature 14°F to 122°F and -10°C to 50°C
RH Accuracy ±5%
Warranty TN Hygrometer has a 1 year warranty, battery is excluded

affect  lumber will pick up moisture if stored in a moist place. Beautiful wood floors will cup when ambient conditions change. Furniture suffers severe damage when moving from a wet climate to a dry climate. Chairs may have loose joints, cabinet doors may not close. Even a piano can be out of tune from too much moisture. For lived-in areas at 70oF (20o C) and 35% rel. humidity, wood stabilizes at 6-8%. Changes of these conditions can cause shrinking, cracking or warping.