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Ligno-DuoTec BW Packages

Where moisture and humidity meet. The Ligno-DuoTec BW combines Lignomat’s unique dual-depth pinless technology with precision RH measurement. The Ligno-DuoTec BW is designed for measuring concrete moisture for the flooring contractor. Prevent expensive claims and protect yourself.
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Use Ligno-Duotec BW as pinless meter
Add RH BluePeg probe for Thermo-Hygrometer function.
Add RH BluePeg probes sleeves, and cable for in-situ concrete moisture test.
Reusable, removable RH BluePeg Probes assure accurate, fast and fail-proof concrete moisture testing in compliance with ASTM standard F2170. After the initial investment, the only disposable part is the sleeve.
EMC Chart – Wood Moisture / Relative Humidityi-i
i-iMore info on in-situ probe testing
i-i Summary of pin, pinless and RH meters to measure moisture in concrete.+
relative-humidity-BW-pinless thermo-hygrometer-BW-bluepeg moisture-in-concrete-slabs-Ligno relative-humidity-data-logger monitor-RH-humidity-wireless

Ligno-DuoTec BW

Thermo-Hygrometer Pkg

Flooring Package BW

Data-Logger BL2

Wireless Recording

A meter with the same dual-depth pinless functions
as the Ligno-Scanner SDM.

RH Range: 1-99%
Temp: 5°F-160°F (-15 to 70°C)
With Ligno-DuoTec BW meter and RH concrete accessories.
Can be used for:
Humidity Range: 1-99%
BL2 records RH, Temp, DPT, GPP and EMC.
Lignomat offers wireless transmitters for:
— pinless dual-depth mode with connector for Lignomat’s RH BluePeg Probe. All Lignomat RH meters indicate: RH, Temp, DPT, GPP. — pinless dual-depth mode
RH in-situ Probe Testing
RH Thermo-Hygrometer
One step up:
The MC Tracker also records wood moisture content.
– ambient RH / Temp
– in-situ Probe testing 

– Wood Moisture Content
– Material Temperature
Precise, reliable, fast.
Detachable RH Probe with adapter and 6ft extension cable.
Accessories2-RH-moisture-testing-concrete  for in-situ RH testing: #BW-KS This data logger comes with a hi-precision RH Probe. Extension cables available. Single or multiple station transmitters can be recorded at a PC on-site or down- loaded from the Internet.
  $439.00 Package Price
($468.00 list)
$528.00 Package Price
($556.00 list)
$162.00 Package Price
($187.00 List)

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