Lignomat moisture meters have proven measuring technology which guarantees long-term accuracy. Family owned and operated for over 40 years. 

Packages with Ligno-VersaTec


The Ligno-VersaTec combines the accurate measuring technologies of Lignomat’s pin, pinless and RH meters. Add electrodes for quality control and inspection applications.
Step 1: Use as a dual-depth pinless meter.
Step 2: Add RH BluePeg Probe for Thermo-Hygrometer function.
Step 4: Add Electrodes to use as pin meter.
Step 5: Add RH BluePeg probes, sleeves and cable for in-situ concrete test
Step 5: (ASTM F2170).
Below is a listing of often selected packages. If the package of your choice is not listed, call customer service at 1-800-227-2105.
Pin – Pinless – RH:
No matter, which function you need,
the Ligno-VersaTec gives superior results.
Package V2-KM
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Package with Hygrometer

Pkg with Electrode E14

Pkg with Electrode E12

Inspector Package V

In-Kiln Package

Add RH Probe to use the following functions: Add Electrode E14 to use the following functions: Add Electrode E12 to use the following functions: Add Electrode E12 and RH accessories to use as:
Add extension cables and probes for in-kiln monitor.
pinless dual-depth mode
RH Thermo-Hygrometer
fast and precise
pinless dual-depth mode
pin mode
with Inspector Electrode to investigate water damage
pinless dual-depth mode
pinless dual-depth mode
with Depth Electrode for quality control of wood prod.
pinless dual-depth mode
pin more with depth elec.
RH Thermo-Hygrometer
RH in-situ concrete testing
 Obtain readings from the center of the kiln charge,  without entering the hot kilns.
Check relative humidity to make sure wood products do not shrink, warp or cup. Track moisture where it hides. The Electrode E14 is designed to easily reach behind, inside, through,… Teflon coated pins allow core measurements and accurate readings of layered engineered wood. 2-RH-moisture-testing-concreteOften selected
for inspection  and flooring applications.
Cables and probes can also be used to monitor trouble spots in the building envelope.

Package #V-B:

Package #V-4S:

Package #V-2M:

Package #V2-KM:

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 1-cable package
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