Lignomat moisture meters have proven measuring technology which guarantees long-term accuracy. Family owned and operated for over 40 years. 


Ligno-Tec RH Packages

The Ligno-Tec RH meter can be used as Thermo-Hygrometer and for in-situ concrete moisture testing. Lignomat also offers dataloggers  and wireless transmitters to record RH, Temp, DPT, GPP and EMC.
The reusable, removable RH BluePeg Probes are designed for accurate, fast and fail-proof concrete moisture testing in compliance with ASTM standard F2170. After the initial investment, the only disposable part is the sleeve.
i-iLignomats RH BluePeg System
i-i Summary of pin, pinless and RH meters to measure moisture in concrete.+
thermo-hygrometer-RH-bluepeg moisture-in-concrete-slabs-Ligno relative-humidity-data-logger monitor-RH-humidity-wireless humidity-EMC-chart-wood-drying

Thermo-Hygrometer Pkg

Contractor Package RH

Data-Logger BL2

Wireless Recording

 i-i Humidity / Moisture

RH Range: 1-99%
Temp: 5°F-160°F (-15 to 70°C)
With Ligno-Tec RH meter and
RH concrete accessories.
Can be used for:
Humidity Range: 1-99%
BL2 records RH, Temp, DPT, GPP and EMC.
Lignomat offers wireless transmitters for: EMC Chart: Relationship between wood moisture and ambient conditions (RH,T).
All Lignomat RH meters indicate: RH, Temp, DPT, GPP. RH in-situ Probe Testing
RH Thermo-Hygrometer
Data Logger BL2 comes with selectable time intervals, audible and visual alarms. – ambient RH / Temp
– in-situ Probe testing 

– Wood Moisture Content
– Material Temperature
Precise, reliable, fast.
Detachable RH Probe with adapter and 6ft extension cable.
# RH-B
Accessories2-RH-moisture-testing-concrete  for in-situ RH testing: #RH-KS This data logger comes with a hi-precision RH Probe. Extension cables available. Single function or combination transmitters. Readings can be viewed at a PC on-site or down-loaded through the Internet. If wood moisture and RH do not match, shrinking, warping and cupping occurs.
$359.00 Package Price
(378.00 list)
$440.00 Package Price
(464.00 list)
$162.00 Package Price
(187.00 list)
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Click for EMC Chart
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