Lignomat moisture meters have proven measuring technology which guarantees long-term accuracy. Family owned and operated for over 40 years. 

Packages with mini-Ligno DX/C

The mini-Ligno DX/C is our most advanced pocket-size moisture meter with multiple calibrations for domestic and tropical wood species, bamboo and building materials.
Moisture problems are often hidden behind the surface and can only be reached with one of the attachments listed below. Selecting one of the DX/C packages adds versatility and ease of operation.
Packages are also available for:
> mini-Ligno S/DC
> mini-Ligno MD/C
> popular Package D-2M
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Quality Control Packages

Inspector Packages

Building Material Pkgs

Professional Packages

Kiln Packages

With Electrode E12 for core measurement in thicker wood. Pins measure up to 2″ deep. With Electrode E14 to measure hard to reach areas. Electrode Handle can be extended. With Electrode E16 for instant evaluation of concrete brick, tile, masonry… All moisture meter needs in one handy package for quality control, inspection, restoration. Add extension cables and probes for in-kiln measurements. No more entering hot dry kilns.
Pinpoint moisture problems and avoid costly defects. Used in construction, maintenance, restoration and water damage repairs. Makes measuring hard materials easier.
Pins reach up to 7″ deep.
-pin and pinless meter
-Electrodes E12
-Elecrode E14, EL Pins
Remote cables are also used to monitor problem areas in the building envelope.

Package #D-2M:

Package #D-4P:

Package #D-6P:

Package #D-PP:

Package #D-11:

$386.00 Package Price
(398.00 list)

$255.00 Package Price
(271.00 list)
$244.00 Package Price
(257.00 list)
$225.00 Package Price
(238.00 list)


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