Lignomat moisture meters have proven measuring technology which guarantees long-term accuracy. Family owned and operated for over 40 years. 

Stand-alone Kiln Control System – no PC required

Lignomat CKC Kiln Controller

Lignomat CKC Kiln Controller

Very economical, designed for small operations with very few kilns on site. The control system incorporates the same in-kiln and control hardware as our fully-automatic controller. The difference is in the user interface. A dedicated PC is no longer required. Operator interface is by means of LCD display and keypad installed in the electrical enclosure. This replaces Host PC and MP16 master controller which further reduces hardware and software cost. The unique design requires minimal in-kiln hardware making installation and operation easy – at an affordable price.

The innovative wireless measuring system for temperature, EMC and wood moisture content is all digital and guarantees trouble free operation by greatly reducing the effects of electrical noise.

CKC kiln controller allows the user to select drying schedule from a built-in library or run the kiln as a set-point mode. Time or moisture content (MC) schedules are available. Optional remote PC can be added as a monitor as well as for uploading additional schedules.

In-Kiln measurements are completely digital. Transmitters send the values for EMC and MC to a receiver inside the kiln — a unique wireless measuring system. Standard in-kiln configuration for Lignomat CKC kiln controller:

  • One Transmitter for EMC Measurement
  • Four Transmitters for Wood Moisture Content
  • One Receiver with Integrated Temperature Sensor