Measuring moisture is our expertise. We offer cost efficient, simple solutions to measure moisture . Click here for a moisture meter.

Ligno-Scanner SD Moisture Meter

  • Dual-depth: For wood, wood-based products. With a reference scale for Compare and Search Mode.

    Quality built to last.


  • Accurate, sturdy, small and handy
    with large display indicating:

    – Wood moisture percentage
    – Wood species setting
    – Measuring depth.

  • Hardwood flooring applications:

    From accepting a floor shipment
    to signing off a finished installation
    to inspecting a problem floor.

  • Woodworking and furniture making:

    Dual-depth allows measuring thicker and thinner boards with the correct measuring depth.

  • True dual-depth:

    Use up and down keys to measure the same spot 1/4″ deep and 3/4″ deep and compare.

Ligno-Scanner SD Moisture Meter

Lignomat’s Pinless Advantage:

  • Quickly scan a large number of boards without leaving pinholes
  • Dual depth pinless moisture meter – exclusive from Lignomat
  • No effort is required to push pins into hardwood
  • Pinless meters can read lower moisture values in hardwood than pin meters

All Ligno-Scanners give true wood moisture readings in percent using built-in corrections for different species. Corrections can also be programmed by entering the specific gravity between 0.3 and 1.0. Resolution is 0.1% for entire measuring range. HOLD function is available in all pinless meters from Lignomat.

Why choose a Scanner from Lignomat: Lignomat’s unique measuring technology assures calibration accuracy, reliability and repeatability backed by a 2-year warranty on all meters.

Ligno-Scanner SD dual depth moisture meter is calibrated for wood. The meter has 2 independent sets of calibrations, one for 1/4″ deep and one for 3/4″ deep. Standard pinless moisture meters have a fixed 3/4″ measuring depth.

Unique dual depth Ligno-Scanner SD works well for:
– Boards over 3/4″ and less than 3/4″ thick.
– Measuring layered engineered panels.
– Compare surface / core moisture to see if boards are dried evenly.
– Checking surface moisture after water damage or after applying
  waterborne finishes.

Pinless meters are essential when checking finished products such as floors, cabinet doors, table tops and ready-to-sell furniture, where pins would leave visible marks.

Other Options:

Moisture Meters Item List $ Special $
Ligno-Scanner D: 3/4″, pinless, for wood D 210.00  
Ligno-Scanner S: 1/4″, pinless, for wood S 210.00
Ligno-Scanner SD: 1/4″ , 3/4″ dual-depth
pinless, for wood
SD 289.00  –
Ligno-Scanner SDM: 1/4″ , 3/4″ dual-depth
pinless for wood, bamboo, drywall, concrete, etc
SDM 308.00 – 
Ligno-VersaTec, pin-pinless-RH, meter only V-0 435.00 – 


5-60% dependent upon species setting*
Display 0.1% resolution for the entire range.
71 wod group settings, or simpy use the specifi graviy of the wood, betwee 0.3 and 1.0 (setting 30-100)
Measuring Depth Dual depth measuring capabilities at 1/4″ and 3/4″
0-99 for non-wood building materials
Stable calibration not affected by ambient temperature. Calibration is internally checked and automatically adjusted if necessary.
Calibration Check  External calibration check block #TS is available to verify the calibration and functions of meter.
Included Pouch, one 9V battery, manual and laminated wood group chart.
Size Pocket-size  2″ x 5.5″x0.5″, Measuring pad 1 5/8″ x 2 5/8″
Weight 8 ounces (200g), made out of high-impact plastic
Warranty All moisture meters have a 2 year warranty. Pins and battery are excluded.

The measuring depth of a pinless meter is crucial. Moisture readings are too low, when the Scanner is placed on a work piece which is thinner than the measuring depth. Scanners never measure any deeper than the measuring depth.

The entire measuring pad has to be on a flat and smooth surface for accurate readings

*Species Corrections for Ligno-Scanners and Ligno-VersaTec correlate directly to the Specific Gravity. Example: For a specific gravity of 0.57 (0.57g/cm 3 )set species # 57. Specific Gravity for most wood species can be found on the Internet. We also include a Species Chart with recommended settings.

The Ligno-Scanners SDM and the Ligno-VersaTec have calibrations built-in for drywall and concrete and a reference scale for non-wood building materials.
Measuring range: 5-60% dependent upon Species. For hardwoods the Scanners read lower than 5%, for softwoods the Scanners start reading above 5%. Resolution of read-out: 0.1% Less accurate above Fiber Saturation Point at 30%.
Wood temperature correction is not necessary.
1 9-V Battery for 3000 Readings, Battery included
Size: 1/2″H x 2″L x 5″W (for Scanner LD width is 2 7/8″) Weight: 8 ozs
Comes in a Carry Pouch with Belt Loop.