Pinless Meters (left) and Pin Meters (right) for wood, sheetrock, gypsum, and other building materials


RH Blue Peg Moisture Probe for concrete. Conforms to ASTM F2170


Ligno-Tec RH Concrete Moisture Meter (right)

Wireless Moisture Data Logging System for wood, concrete, temperature and RH

Dry Kiln

Control Systems for Lumber Dry Kilns

Operator Interface for an Inline Moisture Meter
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  Conrete RH sensor for measuring moisture   Relative Humidity Blue Peg Probe
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When needing to know a wood’s moisture content, let Lignomat help. They carry a full line of pin and pinless moisture meters, meter packages and related accessories. These handheld moisture meters are designed for professionals including architects, building inspectors, carpenters, contractors, restoration specialists and other working professionals who need a reliable method of determining moisture levels in wood, sheetrock, gypsum and other building materials. Each moisture meter measures the material’s present moisture levels and determines if the material is ready to use, needs further inspecting or requires discarding.

Lignomat’s digital moisture meters allow professionals to choose from a variety of pin and pinless styles based on preferred invasiveness. In addition to selling a full line of moisture meters, Lignomat also provides excellent customer support by providing operational manuals and wood group charts for each meter sold. These convenient reference items are available online at Lignomat’s website, and can be viewed electronically for fast and easy material reference.

Available Models

The most popular wood moisture meters, offered by Lignomat, are able to test multiple materials. Using a single, pin moisture meter soft building materials like plaster and drywall are able to be tested with the mini-Ligno DX and SD models. Building professionals seeking to expand material testing capabilities prefer to use the mini-Ligno DX/C and S/DC, Lignometer K, and Ligno-VersaTec models to test both hard and soft building materials such as brick, concrete, drywall, masonry and plaster.

Using the latest technologies, new additions to the Lignomat product line are the RH BluePeg Concrete Meters following ASTM F2170-11 standards. The Ligno-Tec RH, Ligno-DuoTec BW and Ligno-VersaTec moisture meters are capable of testing concrete, gypsum, wood and other non-wood building materials. There is also the new Ligno-Scanner SDM pinless moisture meter whose capabilities include measuring moisture levels in dual-depth wood, bamboo and concrete.

Accessories Offered

Lignomat not only sells a diverse line of pin and pinless moisture meters, but also carries related parts and accessories. Replacement electrodes, cables, pins and probes are available for purchase along with thermo-hygrometers. Additionally, if interested in purchasing a moisture meter as part of a complete package, Lignomat offers mini-Ligno and RH BluePeg packages for measuring moisture of concrete.

Ordering Information

Lignomat is a Portland, Oregon based company. A complete moisture meter pricing list, including special moisture meter discounts and order information forms are available on the Lignomat website, . To order a Lignomat pin or pinless moisture meter or reach meter customer service, please call (503) 257-8957 or email .