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Package S-11

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This is the most simple solution when you need to check if extra moisture is absorbed by structural components in the building envelop over an extended period of time. Without having to climb up ladders or squeeze into a crawl space, moisture can be measured.

For testing in a lab environment, the probe and cable system can allow measuring sealed off or hard to reach areas without disturbing the test site.



Double usage of your handheld meter. At any time measurements can be obtained by connecting the meter to the cable. An inexpensive way to monitor areas after water damage repair to make sure the problem has been fixed. Cables can be up to 50 ft long. Package S-11


  • Wireless3Use wireless transmitters to send moisture measure- ments to an on-site PC or to the Internet.
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Description Item List $  Package $
Package S-11 consists of: 1 mini-Ligno SD/C moisture meter, 1 pair PKB probes, 1 PK-mini cable 6 ft (2m) S-11 172.00 172.00
1 Depth Electrode E12, 1 pair pins each DZ 1″ and DA 1.5″, mini- BNC Cable add E12-B 153.00 150.00
1 Case M, Case M fits Electrode E12 and any mini-Ligno add C-M 37.00
mini-Ligno SD/C, meter only with integral pins and connector built-in S-1 149.00
Pkg M-33: mini-Ligno MD/C, 3 pair PK probes, 3 PK-mini-Cable (12 ft) M-33 212.00 201.00
Pkg K2-3M: Lignometer K, 3 pr PKB probes, 3 PK-H cables 12 ft, Adapter H K2-3M 640.00 586.00
Pkg D-11: mini-Ligno DX/C, 1pair PKB probes, 1 PK-mini cable  D-11 238.00 199.00


Moisture Meter: mini-Ligno S/DC
— Microprocessor-based circuitry assures calibration stability and accuracy for the life-time of the meter. The calibration is internally checked and adjusted before each reading.
— Measuring range is low enough to check hardwood floors (6%).
— Measuring range is high enough to evaluate wet lumber (45%).
— Integral pins and connector for external cable built-in4 Correction settings:
2 wood groups for soft and hardwoods and panel products
1 Percentage scale for drywall
1 Reference scale for concrete and other materials
Fast, one-hand operation. Unique shape fits comfortable in your hand when measuring. Pocket-sized. Strap keeps meter handy and safe from being dropped. Green cap serves as gun-type grip for easy probe insertion and covers the pins during transportation.
Accessories of Package S-11 Qty Item
One more Cable Set: PK Probe and cable can be installed for the duration of a drying cycle. At any time the PK-mini Cable can be connected to the mini-Ligno SD/C to obtain readings. wood-cable-in-kiln-monitoring-m
1 PK-mini Cable 6 ft (1.80m): connects PKB Probe to mini-Ligno. 1 pair PKB probes for 4/4 to 6/4 lumber 1 set PK-m
Add – Options Item  Qty  List $  Pkg Discounts are only available with purchase of package
One Cable Set for mini-Lignos PK Probe and cable are installed for the duration of a drying cycle. At any time the PK-mini Cable can be connected to the mini-Ligno SD/C. wood-cable-in-kiln-monitoring-m
1 PK-mini Cable 6 ft (1.80m): PKB Probe to mini-Ligno. 1 pair PKB probes for 4/4 to 6/4 lumber PK-m 1 set 38.75 36.80
The Electrode E12 is equipped with a slide hammer to insert and extract the teflon-coated pins. A BNC connector is mounted at the electrode head to connect the cable. The BNC cable for connecting the Electrode to the moisture meter is included in item E12-B.  E12-B 1 136.00  135.00 Depth-Electrode-pin-meter-E12
Electrode E12 plus 1 pair DZ pins, 1 pair DA pins. Weight 8 oz (260g). Length without pins 6″ (15cm)
Case M Case M is big enough to fit Depth Electrode E12, E14 and/or E16 and Lignometer K or Ligno-VersaTec. Size: 13.5″ x 8″ x 3.5″ (35 x 20.3 x 9 cm) P-MS 1 27.00 25.65 moisture_meter_case_M
Pins for Electrode E12 DZ, DA and DB pins can only be used by Electrode E12. Teflon-coated pins measure only at the tip. depth-moisture-meter-pins-E12
DZ Pins: teflon-coated, total length 1 5/8″ (4.1cm), measuring depth of 1″ (2.5cm)  DZ per pair  3.50 3.32
DA Pins: teflon-coated, total length 2 1/2″ (5.4cm), measuring depth of 1 1/2″ ( 3.8cm) DA per pair 3.75 3.56
DB Pins: teflon-coated, total length 2 5/8″ (6.7cm), measuring depth of 2″ (5cm) DB per pair 4.00 3.80


Spare Parts: Cables, Probes, Switchbox  Qty Item Price $
One Cable Set for mini-Lignos PK Probe and cable are installed for the duration of a drying cycle. At ant time the PK-mini Cable can be connected to the mini-Ligno DX/C, SD/C or MD/C to obtain readings. wood-cable-in-kiln-monitoring-m
1 PK-mini Cable 6 ft (1.80m): PKB Probe to mini-Ligno. 1 pair PKB probes for 4/4 to 6/4 lumber 1 Set PK-m 38.75
PK Teflon Cables with Connectors All cables are made with high-grade teflon cable to assure accurate transmission of measured moisture values. Standard cable length for in-kiln measurements is 6ft (90cm). Longer cables can be made upon request. cable-in-kiln-moisture-monitor
Cable from PK Probes to mini-Ligno C-model (6ft) 1 PK-m-6 26.00
Cable comes with connectors for mini-Ligno C’s and loops for stainless steel screws or Pins EG or EL 1 SS-m-6 22.00
Longer cable can be custom ordered, add per ft Tx 1.20
PK Probes wood-probes-in-kiln-monitoring
PK Probes are teflon-coated for core moisture measurements. The cable is connected through a hole in the probe head for a fail-proof connection. The probes are set correctly and removed easily with the Pulling Tool #PT.
Given length below is actual measuring depth.
PKA Probes: for 4/4 lumber, 1/2″ deep ( 1.2cm ) 1 pair PKA 9.25
PKB Probes: 3/4″ deep ( 1.9cm ), for 6/4 lumber, 1 pair PKB 9.75
PKC Probes: 1″ deep ( 2.5cm ), for 8/4 lumber 1 pair PKC 10.50
PKD Probes: 1.5″ deep ( 3.8cm ), for 12/4 lumber 1 pair PKD 12.00
PKE Probes: 2.75″ deep ( 7cm ) 1 pair PKE 19.00
Pulling Tool The Pulling Tool is used to place PK Probes correctly and to remove easily. Probe removal: The pin is threaded through the tool and the head of the PK probe. Then the probe is cork-screwed out of the board. Recommended for handling multiple PK Probes. 1 PT 25.00 wood-in-kiln-monitoring-kiln-PT
EMC Humidity Measuring Station The EMC Station can be used to measure the humidity in a dry kiln, either as stand alone unit with a handheld moisture meter or as part of Lignomat’s wireless moisture monitor or Lignomat’s kiln control system. EMC-humidity-me
The EMC station consists of an angle connector to be mounted to the wall and an EMC holder in which the EMC wafer is installed. The EMC cellulose wafer changes with the humidity in the kiln and gives direct EMC values in percent.
1 EMC measuring station consists of: 1 Angle Connector 1 EMC Holder and 10 EMC wafers Connecting cable needs to be ordered separately. 1 unit K-EMC 84.00
1 EMC Holder without angle connector 1 K-EH 47.00
1 pack EMC wafers (total of 10 pieces) 1 pack W-10 10.00
Teflon Cables without Connectors Teflon cable should be used for all in-kiln wiring from switchbox to angle connector inside the kiln. Cable is available in 100 ft rolls. However, if less or more cable is needed we cut to length required. in-kiln-monitoring-system-cable
Teflon cable without connectors per ft Tx 1.20
Angle connectors Angle connectors are installed along the wall inside the dry kiln. They serve as junction box for one cable coming from the switch box outside and one cable from the PK probes in the stack. 1 K-AC 27.00 kiln-monitor-measuring-wood-A
4-Station Plate The 4-Station Plate is used in smaller kilns as junction box for 4 cables from 3 (4) PK Probes and one (no) EMC station. Installation is easier and the station plate is less expensive than using 4 single angle connectors. 1 K-4SP 75.00 kiln-monitor-measuring-wood-PL
Switch Box The switch box is installed outside the kiln. Cables from the station plate or the angle connectors inside the kiln are wired to the switch box. The switch box is equipped with a BNC connector to directly connect the BNC cable from the Lignometer K and Ligno-VersaTec to obtain moisture readings. If a mini-Ligno DX/C or MD/C is used, the mini-BNC cable is needed to obtain readings. kiln-monitor-moisture-system-S
Switch box with 4 positions 1 K-SB-4 100.00
Switch box with 12 positions 1 K-SB-12 119.00
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